Built with the stringent standards of the aerospace technician in mind, our tools improve productivity and ensure safety, strength and precision.

  • We offer a wide array of professional hand and power tools to the global manufacturing industry. In the market that relies largely on manual labor, we know that time is money.

  • With a reputation dating back more than 100 years, we provide tools and equipment for preventive machine maintenance, production and parts assembly at the most demanding industrial facilities

  • We provide the fastening solutions global industrial manufacturers need to ensure superior quality production. Custom designed to withstand the demanding
    requirements of today’s modern high-repetition assembly lines

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A few words about us

We are an engineering company providing solutions for the problems faced in many companies across various industries. Our qualified team with an experience of decades successfully implemented numerous projects. These projects enriched with our expertise increased the effectiveness, quality, safety, versatility and profitability of our partners providing considerable savings in terms of money, efforts and time.

FMT Engineering is also the Authorized Distributor of APEX Tool Group containing Recoules/Quackenbush, Dotco, Cleco and APEX Brands for aerospace industry over two years. We have qualified employees both with marketing and technical background.

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